Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA top staff under fire - or under water?

Michael Brown, head of FEMA, seems to have a padded resumé. In addition, according to the Washington Post, five of the top eight administrators at FEMA had "virtually no experience in handling disasters" (Reuters quote), and the top three were tied to Bush's 2000 campaign or White House advance operation.

This is not a mark against these individuals so much as another example of the extremely poor judgement shown by George Bush and his team in making appointments. This is the one type of mistake that he admitted to - bad appointments.

We all thought he was talking about the competent people who had quit his administration and spoken out against his incompetence. It is now clear that the entire administration is salted with incompetence. Who will be the next clown to trip over his own shoes, and how many lives will be lost then?

Update: Brown is gone, now it seems it was Chertoff's responsibility to send in the feds all along.


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