Friday, October 07, 2005


On a tightcircle email Sarah inadvertently came up with the term "googleblogging", misremembering "googlebomb". Here's how I responded:

um, it's called a googlebomb, not googleblog.

Not sure what a googleblog would be ... although since a googol is a 1 followed by a hundred zeros, and a blog is a web site where opinions are expressed, a googolblog might be any right-wingnut website, such as Rush Limbaugh might have if he had a blog instead of a TV/radio show.

Had to use the Rush example. Gotta know your audience, and everybody knows who Rush is. These guys wouldn't know Daily Kos from Little Green Footballs.

Of course, not everybody knows what a googol is, and everybody knows Google, so this term is of limited usefulness as humor, more's the pity.

By-the-by, today one of my cow orkers pronounced the verb "to google" as "googly", as in "I googlyed it and din't find nothin'."


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