Thursday, October 20, 2005

Intelligent Design

The Christian Science Monitor has a nice explanation of the Dover Intelligent Design court case. It helps one understand the arguments when one understands the terminology, and here's where they provide a piece of the puzzle I was missing, having taken logic courses (mumble) years ago and forgotten the book words.

But the Dover school board's argument that intelligent design is science, not religion, is found wanting. The statement for students seems to fault evolution for being a "theory." Yet a theory involves considerable evidence toward an accepted principle. As an explanation for biological life, evolution is gathering ever more evidence. Intelligent design is still a hypothesis, and vulnerable by its lack of evidence.

I got it that a scientific theory is something that can be tested, and as such the theory of evolution fit the bill and Intelligent Design does not.

ID is a theory in the common usage of the term only. I'm not a language expert, but I disagree with the Monitor that ID is an hypothesis, "a provisional idea whose merit is to be evaluated." I would term it theological conjecture.


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