Friday, November 04, 2005

Republican Voter Fraud and Perjury

Seems the King County Republican Party, like some masked avenger, had a job to do. They had to clean up the voter rolls in King County! So they challenged thousands of voter registrations as part of their “Voter Registration Integrity Project.” Trouble is, according to Seattle's the Stranger, they challenged, "under penalty of perjury," at least 140 properly registered voters.

Now, even if they withdraw the challenges, shouldn't somebody be charged with a crime, here? If you sign an affidavit that you know that someone does not live at a particular address - for that matter, if you sign 140 such affidavits - you had damn well be sure you are right. That is why there is a penalty. You should not be able to just say, "oopsie." How about 140 counts of perjury, plus a couple of conspiracy counts to sweeten the pot?

And don't try to blame it on the interns:
Although Sotelo’s name appeared on the challenge affidavits ... the list of voters to challenge was actually created by volunteers and interns cross-referencing storage unit addresses with voter registration rolls. Sotelo just signed on the dotted line ...
When Sotelo, chair of the project, signed, she took responsibility. Lock her up, and maybe the next Republican vote stealer will think twice.

What's more, if they were really concerned with cleaning up the voter rolls, as opposed to striking Democrats off them, they might have noticed that the King County Elections Office has been working for six months on the problem:
"We’ve removed thousands of registrations that were incorrect registrations. To try to claim that we’re not making any effort to clean our voter rolls or are attempting to allow people to vote multiple times and vote illegally is just flat-out false.”
Republicans - the party of corruption.

(Thanks to AMERICAblog for the find)


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