Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Can We Try Something Else Now?

The failure of "privatization" and "out-sourcing" of the Iraq war and reconstruction has resulted in billions of dollars going missing in Iraq. Contractors have been skimming profits - although considering the magnitude of the thefts, "skimming" may be too small a word.

The failure of "de-regulation" led to the California energy crime spree a few years ago - you can't call it a crisis, really, it was created by criminals at Enron and other energy trading companies.

We are now finding out why, over, oh I don't know how many years - 229? - why there was regulation and government run enterprises. Could it be that people are easily tempted, and need oversight?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be that they are not, in fact, 'deregulating' things at the moment. I think the appropriate buzzword in this case might actually be 'cronyism'.

December 07, 2005  

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