Monday, January 23, 2006

No Justice Alito

Here's the text of the email I sent to my senators tonight:
Dear Senator [Clinton/Schumer],

I write to ask you to oppose the Samuel Alito nomination to the Supreme Court. He has shown by his writings and rulings that he will support the expansion of executive powers beyond what is written in The Constitution.

Filibuster if you must!

George W. Bush must not be allowed to swing the court to such an extreme.

Best regards,

Charles Grammer
Okay, it's lame, but it gets the point across, showcases the filibuster point, and then it's done. Let's hope this guy does not get on the Supreme Court. If he does, he will eventually help legitimize the crimes of the worst president ever if and when he is finally brought to justice.

Why do you think he nominated Harriet Miers? To strike down Roe v. Wade? That would have been icing, but the cake is the executive powers thing.

Go here for links to the Senator's official pages. Look for the "send me an email" or "contact me" link.


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