Sunday, February 07, 2010

Electronic baggage

Here's a list of the electronics related stuff I took on vacation. Marked + for stuff I used, - for not used.

+ Digital camera - took lots of pictures of the Krewe du Vieux parade, other French Quarter and NOLA sights.
+ Battery charger for camera
+ Download cable for camera
+ HT (handheld ham radio) - listened to local repeaters, airport radio traffic, Mississippi river traffic, connected to Buffalo repeater through IRLP
+ HT charger
+ HT programming cable - programmed airport frequencies
+ HT earpiece - to listen in the airports
+ Netbook - used it every day - internet access was good in the hotel, I downloaded pictures from camera, programmed radio, watched video on the airplane
+ Netbook AC adapter
+ Netbook travel-mouse
+ Earbuds to listen on the airplane
+ Headset with mic - contacted Buffalo radio repeater through Echolink
+ Cell phone
+ Cell phone charger
- Cell phone bluetooth earpiece
- Earpiece charger
- Delorme Earthmate bluetooth GPS - I thought we might rent a car for a day
- GPS car adapter
- GPS AC adapter
- GPS USB adapter
- Homebrew GPS - the Delorme wasn't working very well before we left, so I wanted a backup
- Homebrew GPS USB adapter
- Homebrew GPS USB power adapter
- GPS antenna
- Micro-SD adapter - I was able to link to the phone with bluetooth from the netbook

The extra stuff weighs less than a pound, and it all went in checked luggage, so I don't feel bad about it.

The rest of the stuff helped make the vacation just a little more interesting.


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