Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Presidents I have never known

So I mentioned that none of my preferred individuals have been elected president. If I really cared I would do some research, but this is all from memory.

1968 - Pat Paulsen.

1972 - George McGovern - I was too young to vote by 6 months, not that it would have made a difference. Now THAT was a mandate for the other guy!

1976 - I don't remember who I would have preferred over Jimmy Carter. The conventional wisdom in certain circles is that he was a lousy president, but that he's a great ex-president.

1980 - John Anderson never had a chance.

1984 - Not Mondale. Was Jerry Brown in the primaries?

1988 - Well, Dukakis was from Massachusetts and that (sadly) was good enough for me. I don't remember who I really wanted initially.

1992 - Was this the year Bill Bradley was running? I was not happy that Clinton agreed to send the Arkansas National Guard to Central America, as I recall.

1996 - ?

2000 - Not happy with Gore, voted safe Nader protest vote (NY).

2004 - Kerry is the first candidate among these about whom I knew something significant before the media/campaign spin came into play, going back to the '70s.


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