Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spong Dismantles Robertson

A thoughtful essay about Pat Robertson is to be found at Daily Kos. I'm not sure who Bishop John Shelby Spong is, maybe you have heard of him, but he is obviously a very smart fellow:

I want to make only two points about this issue. First, I wonder who, other than Pat himself, designated Pat Robertson to be God's spokesperson? How dare Pat assume that the God revealed in the Jesus I serve is filled with all of Pat's peculiar prejudices. Why does he not understand that God is God and Pat Robertson is not? Why does he not see that when he tells the world with an unashamed certainty what God thinks and what God will do, he is only revealing what he thinks and what he would do if he had God's power? Pat needs to understand that he is acting out the very meaning of idolatry. He has confused God with himself.


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