Friday, December 09, 2005

Deepak Chopra on Peace

In a post titled Why Peace Isn't Pointless Deepak Chopra says,
In a recent blog I pointed out that making peace with the Muslim world was our only long-term option, given that every Islamic society is rapidly being instilled with permanent anti-Americanism, almost from the cradle.
He makes the following points:
--We can't stop Muslims from hating us by attacking them.
--To say that terrorists will be goaded by peace has no historical precedent. Terrorists are goaded by repression and aggression.
--We've successfully made friends with enemies in the past (Germany, Japan, China, the former Soviet Union).
--The American public has no stomach for war, protracted or short-term, that doesn't lead to victory. Since victory is nowhere in sight, the entire militaristic venture is politically self-defeating.
For me, it's a "take a deep breath and don't despair" kind of post, knowing that there are voices speaking these truths. It's ok that he presents no solutions, this is foundation.


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