Saturday, January 28, 2006

New York Egg Cream

I just made my very first ever Egg Cream. I have heard about them for years, and was on the look-out for Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup:
History supports Mel Brooks' contention that a genuine Egg Cream begins with Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Flavor Syrup, made with real nostalgia-laced Brooklyn water.
I finally found it in the local Top's supermarket, of all places. I never shop there, and would not have been there but for a gift card that was my company's Christmas bonus last year. Thanks, boss!

I also had to shop especially for whole milk, which has not graced our refridgerator for years, and unflavored carbonated water - seltzer. I have plenty of the flavored stuff, and was prepared to use raspberry, but I only had lemon and cranberry.

From the Fox's u-bet bottle:
DIRECTIONS: In A Tall Glass Pour 1/2 Inch Of u-bet, 3/4 Inch Of Whole Milk, Add Carbonated Water & Mix Briskly.
Now that I have tasted the Egg Cream, I understand.
Think I'll go make another.

Here's my second Egg Cream:

The nice foamy head settled while I ran up to the attic to get the camera.


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