Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sheep Mountain Volvo

My friend Steve recently returned from a vacation in Alaska, where he did outdoorsy stuff with his wife Stacy - hiking, kayaking, that sort of thing. One place they visited was Sheep Mountain, which is a reserve for Dall Sheep about two hours northeast of Anchorage.

On one of their walks they came across a Volvo boneyard - he estimated 300 Volvos of all ages. He was pretty surprised, and says they had license plates from many different states. He for some reason immediately thought of me and asked Stacy to take a picture:

This was taken at 11:00 pm, in mid-June.

Of course I had to find Sheep Mountain on the satellite.

Zooming in, I found what could be the Volvo boneyard, although given the straight clearing to the west, it's probably an airstrip. (If it's zoomed out, maximize the browser and reload the page.)


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