Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Email to WNED-AM

To the News Director:

Hi, I'm a longtime subscriber and listener to WNED-AM, and have a comment about your adoption of time compression in your locally produced news clips. That's where you delete the silences between phrases or sentences.

I don't know if you do this manually or with some automatic program, but I have to tell you that it is very noticeable and quite distracting. It sounds un-natural when the beginning of one phrase seems to step on the tail of another.

If you must continue the practice, I suggest that you open up the space between phrases to a more natural timing.

I love the reporting, otherwise, and appreciate that it's not a "rip-and-read" operation. (I'm dating myself, but I used to read the AP reports off the teletype at WGBC at Geneseo back in the day. That was literally rip and read.)

Charles Grammer

(I have no idea if it went through. It was a pop-up form, and gave no indication that anything was sent when I clicked submit. So I preserve it here.)


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