Sunday, June 27, 2010

Biking report

I am sore after 42 miles on the bike this morning. I'll be paying for it for a couple of days.

2:40 ride time, with two stops to stretch (and snack), one to re-water, one to wait for the railroad swing bridge over the Black Rock Canal to open for pleasure craft, then one more to wait for the Ferry Street lift bridge for the same boats.

Average speed for the ride (bike time only) was 15.7 mph, max 24.5.

I was overtaken in Ellicott Creek Park by another rider who said, "You're keeping up a pretty good pace. It took me a long time to catch you." Then I kept up with him for the next couple of miles.

I think I must look slower than I am. How fast can a bike with a 54" whip antenna and a canvas handlebar bag be, anyway? Not to mention the aging rider.

The antenna is for my portable ham radio, scanning the local repeaters and Coast Guard channels. It keeps things interesting.



Blogger Pheidias said...

Funny to read this three years later, after riding so much with NFBC. 42 miles seemed like a lot back then, but not so much now with the new bike and me in better shape.

April 13, 2013  

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