Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Habitat for Humanity - Katrina edition

I've been thinking about this for some time now, and tonight I put my name in to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity on the reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina. I don't know if I will go through with it, and there will be expenses involved, but I certainly have skills to offer and the devastation people suffered moves me to want to help.

It will be awhile before anything happens, though. They're not quite ready to start building much in the way of permanent housing. As Habitat puts it:
Because house construction must await restoration of basic services and infrastructure following a disaster, Habitat's work comes in the recovery phase. As you can imagine, the time it will take for the relief and clean-up work will be tremendous, and only then can the rebuilding begin. At that point Habitat-along with governments, nonprofit organizations, the corporate community, faith-based groups and individuals like you-will begin to help rebuild the lives of so many families in need of simple, decent homes.
I have done so much work on so many houses for so many reasons. This would be the best reason of all - helping others.


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