Monday, December 12, 2005

Server Upgrade Woes

So they upgraded our servers over the weekend, a much-needed improvement. What was unexpected, however, is the disruption it is causing on the workstation. Everything - everything! - is reset to default. I feel like someone came into my house and rearranged the furniture, worse, took away my antiques and replaced them all with Ikea, and THEN rearranged them. And moved the walls. And painted them. This lab-rat can no longer find the cheese.

Here's the list - I'll add to it as I discover more changes.

- Desktop icons moved (not a big problem, they needed weeding anyway)
- Favorites sorted by name - I had them arranged by usage.
- Task bar items gone.
- Google Desktop search gone - new user
- New user and domain, so Start Menu items have to be recovered
- My Documents folder moved to server, so the desktop link does not work
- Worst of all so far - I have a structure of Excel documents with interconnecting links. A quirk of Excel is that when you enter a hyperlink, or use the Vlookup() function to link data, it converts a mapped drive letter to the server path. They changed the server names, so many of my hyperlinks or data links are broken. I have over 2,000 linked files.
- Everything Microsoft is set back to default - Word settings (automatic spell-check, etc), Outlook settings (I just set up a number of spam-fighting rules), Internet Explorer home page and security settings, Windows Explorer settings.
- Outlook is now using Word as the editor. I know how to change that back.
- Windows is back to hiding infrequently used menu commands. I had disabled that, and have to go figure out how again.
- A "Language Bar" has appeared that pops up whenever a program that requires text entry is opened - which is pretty much every program.
- Those 2,000 linked files? When I open a linked file from within Excel, it opens Read-only, which is a big problem. That's the interface I use to get to my work.
- Had to re-register Winzip
- AutoCAD - had to reconfigure as new user, including all preferences and settings. Might have been able to migrate this with some prior warning.
- Re-installed Excel Analysis Toolpak because certain formulas stopped working.

I now understand why things changed, not that I like it, but what really bugs me is that there was no warning that the changes would be so extensive. They could have given us some clue that things would be different!

I finally got some actual work done about 4:00 pm.


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