Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ronald Reagan, B-movie Philosopher

Ronald Reagan, though considered by many to have had fascist tendencies, is starting to look better all the time in comparison to Our Dear Leader. He said at least a few things that made sense, not necessarily about politics. I find myself quoting him every now and then, despite my view of him as a president.

He once said, in regards to his B-movie career, (paraphrasing) "They didn't want things done well, they wanted them done Tuesday."

This attitude may be acceptable when talking about something as inconsequential as a movie, but when it comes to the products we make at my company, it is less than optimum, shall we say. People here let things slide, pay insufficient attention to detail, and take shortcuts. We pay later in the process. We end up picking up the pieces down the line, when product is shipped wrong, or not shipped at all.

Pay attention to the little things now, details matter.


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