Monday, February 27, 2006

Horns of a Dilemma, Casino Edition

We have a special election here in the NY State Senate district 60 to replace Byron Brown, who was recently elected Mayor of Buffalo. There are two candidates running - the Democrat is my City Council member, Marc Coppola, and the Republican is Chris Jacobs.

The Seneca Nation of Indians is poised to build a casino in Buffalo. I am against it, although some consider it a done deal.

The Republican candidate has taken a stand against casino gambling.

The Democratic candidate, as majority leader in the City Council, has (I believe) been in support of the casino in Buffalo.

Hence my dilemma: Do I vote for a Republican and give the One True Party another seat in the State Senate (Brown is a Democrat) but one who agrees with me on this issue? Or do I vote for the Democrat, who does not agree with me but is not a Republican?

If the Republican wins, the City Council keeps a pro-casino voice and the Senate edges more Republican.

If the Democrat wins, the City Council seat is up for grabs and the Senate balance stays where it is. Brown was also pro-casino, so that position would not change.

I guess that answers it - I'll hold my nose and vote for the Democrat, and hope that we can recruit an anti-casino vote for the council. I wonder if Judy Einach lives in my City Council district.

Update: It occurs to me to wonder how the City Council seat would be filled if Marc Coppola wins. Does the Mayor get to appoint? That would be bad.


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