Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not My President

We have a new member at one of my other online haunts. We have generally been opposed to Bush, but the new guy is definitely not. He may even be characterized as a wingnut. He was rehashing Swift Boat Liars propaganda about Kerry, untruths about Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard, and bullcrap about wmd having been moved to Syria before the Iraq war. He got me going:

The fact remains that George Bush gets bored easily. That's why he bugged out of his Texas Air National Guard service, that's why he has failed in every venture he has undertaken - from his oil business to his mis-begotten presidency.

The man was a drunk, and may now be a dry drunk. He was on the way down while he was in TANG, and in fact his flying privileges were curtailed. He says he got transferred to Alabama, which did not have the kind of aircraft he was trained to fly, but they have no recollection of him ever showing up.

He surely showed up at the campaign headquarters of the candidate he was supposedly working for - generally mid-day, hung over, boasting of his exploits the night before.

He manages to get bailed out by his friends, or Poppy's friends, including friends in TANG who purged his records before his run for governor.

He was bailed out of being prosecuted for his illegal stock deals with Harkin Energy. He made millions off the taxpayers of Austin by finagling a publicly financed stadium for his losing Rangers.

The UAE (Dubai) ports deal is just more of the same back-room dealing. You don't think he threatened his first veto because he thinks the deal is good for the country, do you? He or his friends stand to profit monetarily.

If you are a conservative, wake up and smell the coffee! Your man is no conservative. He is a radical thief. He is using you and your language to gain power, and then you will be discarded like a used ... tissue.

That is what this is about. Are we becoming the first American kleptocracy? And don't tell me it has been worse before. This presidency and Republican Congress is a perfect storm of venality, secrecy, and disenfranchisement, not to mention vote stealing.

This president, and the Republican One True Party (tm), threatens the very fabric of our country. They are intent on rolling back every good thing about it, it seems. They look back with nostalgia on the 1930s, when stocks were a good buy, and there were no taxpayer financed social safety nets.

Forget your bull---- about Kerry. That battle's over. Your Swift Boat Liars won it, accompanied by voter suppression in Ohio and hacked Diebold electronic voting machines across the country.

Those of us who have a shred of sanity left are praying for this long nightmare to end.


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