Monday, April 10, 2006

Sugar Sweetened Coca-Cola

I found the Original Formula Coca-Cola at the Kosher Passover display at Wegmans. It tastes better than the Pepsi we've had in the house since forever. But since it's in a plastic 2-liter bottle it's nothing like the old 6-ounce glass bottles I remember from camp back in the day. It has a yellow cap with the (U)P mark on it, meaning kosher for Passover.

I hardly ever drink Coke - my family prefers Pepsi - so it's kind of a nice treat to drink a cola without finding a film of corn syrup on my teeth and getting the burps. (Aren't you glad you asked?)

I also note that Antarctica Guarana is also sweetened with sugar, not corn syrup, and definitely tastes better than the Brasilia brand, which I think uses corn syrup.


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