Monday, March 20, 2006

The Bush Administration is Quacking Up

Yes, Molly Ivins is still my favorite columnist. This week, in a column titled "Call It 'Dumb and Dumberer'" she teases apart the loose burlap that is the Bush administrations fabric of idiotic explanations for Bush's war in Iraq, and now Rumsfeld's "Long War".
President Bush has once more undertaken to explain to us "Why We Fight," which is also the title of an excellent new documentary on Iraq. According to the president, "Our goal in Iraq is victory." I personally did not find that a helpful clarification.
We are inarguably facing more terrorists now than there were when we started, so the Pentagon has decided to fight what it is now calling "the long war." Has anyone asked you about this? Me, neither. Nor has anyone asked Congress.
I love that Molly can work in the phrase "I don't think they have the sense God gave a duck" in reference to this administration.


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