Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscar Goes To ...

Many of the reports about Jon Stewart's hosting of the Academy Awards suggest that he was slow, with poor delivery:
The monologue played very well at the Kodak Theatre, but onscreen Stewart felt out of his element. It had its moments, but his delivery was slow, as if every joke was a bit overthought. His exclamations -- "There you go, now you're talking!" -- were awkward, as if he was trying too hard to force some excitement on the ceremony.
I thought it was fine. It's his brand of humor - pause on wry.

Last night was the only awards show I have watched all the way through, although I dozed off during Itzhak Perlman's paean to nominated movie scores.

I thought the humor was restrained for the most part, which made it all the more successful for me. Enlisting Stephen Colbert to do the mock campaign ads was brilliant, and it was just enough and not too much.

Ironically, I ducked out during the performance of Oscar-winning "It's hard out here for a pimp" because I don't enjoy rap music, but after hearing the title line on the radio at breakfast, it was in my head all morning. It's not a bad song, up until the rap part gets going.


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