Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blog less, live more!

I'm cutting way back on my blog reading. I'm not going completely cold turkey, as I'm keeping truthout, Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos in my favorites. I found I was just getting aggravated at all of the political crap going on, and tired of reading about it. I've fallen at least 3 issues behind on The Nation dinosaur blog, which I've subscribed to for at least 25 years, and if I pick up on that again I won't be completely cut off from progressive news.

But I'll leave it to others to solve the problems of the country by yakking about it online.

So goodbye, Atrios, goodbye, Senator Harry Reid, goodbye, Wonkette, goodbye, Taegan Goddards' Political Wire, goodbye, Bull Moose, goodbye, The Left Coaster, goodbye, Cosmic Iquana, goodbye, Crooked Timber, goodbye, James Wolcott, goodbye,, goodbye, The Island of Balta, goodbye,, goodbye, Hoffmania!, goodbye, Hullabaloo, goodbye, Unfogged, and goodbye to all the others that were there to tempt me late into the night.

Keep up the good fight.

I'll be over here, keeping the humor dry for when we can all laugh again.


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