Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Travails with Lefty

At times like these, when the right-wing controls so much, it's good to hear an optimistic voice. William Rivers Pitt takes us on a little roller-coaster of an essay, through the tunnel of despair discoursing on leftist infighting, only to emerge into the sun with a little uplift of hope at the end.

Of course, any reference to cats will get my attention:
Folks on the Left are like cats. They are loveable, affectionate, strong and independent-minded. They are also pointy on five out of six sides and liable to use their claws at strange and seemingly random moments.

But how come that last scene of Who Killed Roger Rabbit? comes to mind? (You know, where the machine crashes through the wall into Toon Town, only to get smashed by a train? Oh yeah - followed by a handcar ...) I try to be optimistic, I really do!


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