Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Keith Olbermann letter to MSNBC

There was a suggestion over at DailyKos that we write letters to MSNBC about Keith Olbermann's commentary on SecDef Rumsfeld.

Here's mine.


I thought Keith Olbermann's piece about Secretary Rumsfeld last night was brilliant. It's time someone called BS on the Bush administration's "with us or appeasing the terrorists" nonsense.

Mr. Olbermann's acknowledgement that Rumsfeld made an "apt historical analogy" to the Neville Chamberlain government, but "has the battery plugged in backwards" was brilliant! It is exactly what our nation needs to hear at this perilous time - perilous not just because we are faced with terrorist threats, but moreso because we are faced with an administration apparently intent on dismantling freedom at home.

My congratulations on having such a brilliant commentator on your network.


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