Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Doctor Who will be free at last available online

Red Dwarf
Zudeo users will be able to download copies of Red Dwarf
BBC moves to file-sharing sites

Hundreds of episodes of BBC programmes will be made available on a file-sharing network for the first time, the corporation has announced.
Users will have to download and run the Zudeo software, which will enable high-quality videos. There is no mention of fees for the software, but the implication is that it will be free.

The new deal means that users of the software will be able to download high-quality versions of BBC programmes, including Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and the League of Gentleman. Classic series such as Fawlty Towers will also be available through a BBC "channel".
I presume they mean the older Doctor Who programs, because the new ones are still on first run here on the new continent. Just the same, it might be fun to revisit the Doctor in all of his older visages.

I also wonder what this will do to public TV program purchases. WNED buys "Britcoms" for broadcast. Of course, there are so many, they can't broadcast them all, and it would be a form of programming on demand, so it's a welcome development.

Hmmm. Did not notice this before.
No pricing structure for the BBC content on Zudeo has been revealed.
Not free. Oh, well.


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