Friday, January 13, 2006

Food Disappears redux

Notably when the college student comes home for the holidays.

SCOTUS is not an entitlement program

I agree with Georgia10 over at Kos.
The mantra that "a President is entitled to his nominee" will be repeated many times as Senators decide how to cast their votes . The premise stems from the notion that it is he who has a vested appointment power, and that the Senate should accord the President a high degree of deference when he makes he choice.

The man is entitled to nothing from the Congress he has abused and misled. The man is entitled to nothing from the American people he has betrayed. It is us, the citizens of this country, who are entitled to the truth. And until we receive that truth, this nominee should not pass.
The best possible outcome would be a successful filibuster, new nomination (or knowing Bush, re-nomination of scAlito), delay to 2007, Democratically controlled Senate approves an honest person to the bench.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito and CAP - Purge, Coverup, or Lies?

Samuel Alito's name does not appear anywhere in the Rusher CAP documents, according to Arlen Specter.
Today, Specter said the records showed that Alito did not attend meetings in 1983 and 1984. ``He's not even mentioned in the minutes,'' the senator said.
CAP, Concerned Alumni of Princeton, was a group active from around 1972 to about 1985. Their brief (or beef) was that too many minorities and women were being admitted to Princeton, diluting the value of a Princeton education.

In 1985, Sam Alito claimed membership in CAP when he was applying for a position in the Reagan administration. He now claims to have no memory of being associated with the group.

Rusher was the founder of CAP, and Spector's litany of the many items that did not include Alito's name included membership rolls, "cancelled checks" for membership, copies of the Prospect magazine, etc.

So there is no evidence that Alito was a member.

So there seem to be three possibile explanations: Either the Rusher documents were purged, Alito gilded his resumé (lied) when he applied for the Reagan appointment, or his membership fell in the decade before the years examined.

I don't think this lets him off the hook.