Friday, August 21, 2009


When I was a child, I became quite giddy with excitement when I won a shiny fifty cent piece on the Midway at the Blue Hill Fair. Today at an estate sale I experienced the same giddiness when I found a deal I couldn't pass up - $25 for a 2.93 gigahertz eMachines computer box and $15 for an old 15" flat panel screen. I even bargained $5 off the price.

But I neglected to grab the power supply for the monitor, and I neglected to consider that the box might not work. It doesn't. The CPU fan is broken, and the 80gig hard drive was held in with duct tape. I'm not sure the motherboard is even the original - it googles as a Gateway board.

So my giddyness is ashes.

Oh, and the shiny fifty cent piece? After showing mom and dad, I went right back and squandered it on more games of chance.