Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ron Howard

Courtesy of the Huffington Post:
Ron Howard is the latest star to voice his support for Obama, and he did it alongside his old costars Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler in a video for Funny or Die. Watch him strip down, trim his nose hair and don an Opie wig for a black and white call to action before fast-forwarding to "Happy Days."
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Problem Solving

There are two types of solutions to problems, administrative and technical.

Administrative solutions are when you are told to work a certain way in order to get a certain result or avoid a problem.

Technical solutions are when the system is constructed in such a way as to guide you to the correct result and automatically prevent problems.

This observation is prompted by an email broadcast at work today:
When exiting Made2Manage please use the large Exit Door, and not the Red X at the top right hand of the screen. If you use the Red X, this closes Made2Manage improperly and causes errors.
Ideally, Made2Manage should control what happens when you use the Red X. Unfortunately, I think it is at heart a DOS based system, and doesn't do Windows and doesn't know when the Red X is used.

Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain's Spiritual Guide Wants America To Destroy Islam

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Submitted without additional comment

Diane Tucker at the Huffington Post, on a visit to the McCain-Palin field office in Arlington, Virginia, shortly before a surprise visit from the McCainiac himself:

Before McCain dropped in, I was taking a few exterior photos of the field or "victory" office when a woman wearing a dark blue Security uniform walked over and declared, "You can't take pictures here, it's a public building."

"Sure I can, it's a public building," I said, and with that she turned and walked away. (Good news, Star Wars fans: the Obe-Wan Kenobi telepathy trick really works.)