Saturday, August 21, 2010

Four things I learned in the Rochester Bicycling Club

Our family was in the RBC around 1970-72. We went to GEAR in Canandaigua in 1971 together, and we rode many organized rides and time trials in all sorts of weather. The first ride of the season was always Stamp's Stomp, led by a Mr. Stamp, in March. I have a picture of Mom wearing her fuzzy hat the year it snowed! I got my picture in the paper on one ride, maybe because I was wearing what I called an Australian bush hat.

Here are a few things I learned way back when:

1. Always wear a helmet. A good helmet. ($10 helmets are for $10 heads.) My first "helmet" was a weird leather thing that would likely not have helped in a fall. My second was a hockey helmet that I spray painted in a geometric fluorescent green pattern. Eventually I got a Bell, now I wear a Giro.

2. It's ok to stand on the pedals to get more power up a hill.

3. Don't rest at the top of the hill.

4. A helmet won't always save you. Always be aware of everything around you, and ride defensively. (R.I.P. Bill Sheets, c. 1972)