Friday, April 07, 2006

That's Odd

Just discovered that my John Lennon post was somehow stuck in draft mode. It's on again.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eclipse From Space

BBC has an image of the Moon's shadow on the Sahara Desert.

Won't Get Shamed Again

Seems a fellow in North Carolina by the name of Harry Taylor gave Our Dear Leader a little talking to - said he was ashamed and frightened by Bush's leadership in Washington, and that he would hope that at some level he was ashamed of himself. Video link here. Bush wasn't having any of it, of course, but he did stop the crowd from shouting him down so he could finish before launching a non-sequitor rebuttal.

jhwygirl phoned Mr. Taylor up and diaried at dailykos. He said several people thanked him and shook his hand afterward.

We need more episodes like this. More and more should question and challenge him at public events, until Bush can't look in the mirror without taking hostile questions - that is, if he shows in a mirror.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Welcome Creme Filbert Seekers

This lightly travelled blog still attracts seekers of the elusive Creme Filbert, a seemingly vanished delight.

I have three (now four) posts on the subject:

First was On Vanishing Foods in December, 2005, followed by Cream Filberts Forever in January, and finally No Cream Filberts To Be Found in February.

The consensus so far in the handful of comments received is that they're gone until someone resurrects them.

I have a potential recipe, but haven't tried it and don't have high hopes for it.