Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain's incompetent team

This is funny. I wondered what that mansion up behind McCain was. Turns out it's a middle school. Walter Reed Middle School. Gee, I wonder how that happened?

Good thing they have Palin, the rest of the gang can't shoot straight.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Letting the words resonate ...

Here's a point I had not considered. I was thinking that McCain announcing Palin the day after Obama's brilliant, forceful acceptance speech was a problem. Maybe not. Jason Linkins in the Huffington Post:

How successful was the DNC? Kristol says that the DNC was successful but that Palin stole the news cycle. We've covered this: the real news cycle win is the fact that none of these panelists are working hard to assert their own perceptions over the ones that the vast teevee audience already have. The fact is, if I were running the McCain campaign, I'd have left a little space for the pundits to lapse into a couple days of pushback, in which they attempt to reframe the convention and its finale in terms favorable to McCain. It hasn't happened, and it's not going to happen, now. We're moving on the Gustav and Palin and the RNC. This is a win for Obama. ...

This has always been a problem before. A Democrat gives a brilliant address, and it gets nibbled to death by the ducks of the media. Well, this time, the ducks got distracted by something shiny, and the tens of millions of Americans who watched Obama are left to - gasp! - keep their first impressions and draw their own conclusions.

McCain / Palin

McCain picked Palin for one (or both) of two reasons. Either he thinks she is the right person for the job, or he thinks she can help him win the election.

If he thinks she is the right person for the job, it speaks to his unsound judgement. We've had enough unsound judgement in the last eight years.

If he thinks she can help him win, it speaks to his cynicism. We've had enough cynicism in the last eight years.

We don't need more unsound judgement, and we don't need anymore of the cynicism of the 50.01% majority.