Tuesday, March 31, 2009


By Lee Hayes, as related and sung by Pete Seeger in 1981:

If I should die before I wake,
Oh, my bone and sin you take.
Put me in the compost pile,
To decompose me for awhile.
Worms, water, sun will have their way
Returning me to common clay.
All that I am will feed the trees,
And little fishys in the seas.
When radishes and corn you munch,
You may be having me for lunch,
And then excrete me with a grin,
Chortling, "There goes Lee again".

And yes, he sang "sin". I thought it should have been "skin", but I listened three times and it's "sin".

Why the War Crimes?

Harry Shearer has an exploration at Huffington Post of why the Bush regime perpetrated their war crimes.

Essentially, he argues, it was to save face for Bush:
So, an administration that showed a public face that professed a belief that every human life was sacred was prepared to treat innumerable humans as nothing more than fodder for the dot machine, merely to prove that the horrific attack in its eighth month in office couldn't possibly have been its fault.

Facebook is not a blog

After years of posting to this blog and knowing there were only a handful of people who read it, and some who stumble on it or find it in a search for my favorite candy, I linked it to feed facebook - for about a week. I found myself uncomfortable subjecting my facebook friends to this stream of consciousness.

So my random thoughts and links return to this forum.